Group photo 2021

Meet The Group

Last update: 7/12/21.

Undergraduate Students:

Above: Alexa DeRegnaucourt (catalysis/anticancer), Nick Ward (anticancer), Sydney Simmons (anticancer), Fletcher Hall (anticancer, REU),  Abby Pierce (anticancer, REU), Aiden Gregory (anticancer, REU) .

Recent REUs: Courtney Dale (REU 2019), Emily Shrewsbury (REU 2019), Breanna Holmes (REU 2018), Angela Hairston (REU 2017), Sarah Altman (REU 2017), Orrion Kuykendall (REU 2017).

Recently graduated: Daniel Hayes, Stefan Knorr.

Graduate Students:


Chance Boudreaux is working on ligand and metal complex synthesis and carbon dioxide reduction with ruthenium. Chance has a BS degree from Kennesaw State University. He has an AL EPSCOR fellowship.

Sanjit Das is working on ligand  and metal complex synthesis and carbon dioxide reduction with ruthenium and other metals. Sanjit has a B.Sc. degree from University of Calcutta, an M.Sc. degree from IIT Kharagpur, and an MS degree from Utah State University. He has a GCF fellowship.

Wenzhi Yao has a BS from the University of Alabama and he is working on catalyst synthesis and catalysis.

Olaitan Oladipupo (MS) is working on the ruthenium anticancer project. She has BS and MS degrees from University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Weerachai Silprakob (BS, MS in Organic Chemistry from Mahidol University, Thailand) is working on the catalysis project including macrocyclic ligands. He holds a Royal Thai scholarship.

Sonya Manafe (BS) is working on the catalysis project with a focus on Nickel. She has a BS degree from Catholic University of Widya Mandira Kupang, Indonesia and has a grant from Indonesian Endowment Fund for her education.

Group photo from 2016

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